15-16 March, 2021


Bali, Indonesia.



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About PODMS Bali 2021

Obesity is one of the severe public health crisis that has been drastically increasing in the recent years. Annually, at the least 2.8 million people succumb to death due to the complication associated with excess weight. According to the World Health Organization, in 1995, there were an approximate of 200 million obese adults globally and another 18 million children under the age of five were categorized as overweight. However, in the 2000s, the estimate of obese adults has surged to over 300 million.

With the advent of advanced technology, better network and community, a considerable amount of research is now governed towards understanding and treating obesity, and essential public health efforts are aimed to reducing the obesity epidemic rate. Protignes Conferences is one such organization which would like to create awareness regarding this widespread medical concern across the world. Protignes Conferences has scheduled the International Conference on Obesity & Diet Management to be held at Bali, Indonesia on March 2021

Have few of these questions before joining event, surely you will enjoy….

Is it good to start/suggest keto diet?

How does lifestyle cause obesity?

What are the quickest and healthy ways to reduce weight?

Who should attend?

The conference will host Nutritionists & Dietitians. Academic Professors, Lecturers & Research personnel who are involved in the scientific development of the field. Societies & Organizations promoting to create awareness towards obesity. Professionals from companies which market products related to the field of Obesity, Nutrition & Diet.

We also welcome Entrepreneurs, who would like to make a stance of their ideas and network with various professionals in the field. Students, who would like to widen their knowledge horizons and present their academic thesis. We also welcome delegate attendees to participate, listen to the talks and learn about the recent developments.

And also people who are in love with BALI?

We are waiting. We are excited. Hope you will enjoy what we have planned for this event in Bali. Book your slot now!!

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Topics to be including for discussion:

Obesity Epidemic

In the past few years the incidence of obesity has increased drastically. Consumption of fast food, with increased portion size and lack of physical activity are some of the main factors promoting obesity.

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Dietary Management of Obesity

The recent increase in people suffering from obesity is mostly controlled by the behaviour of eating and food that we eat which in turn encourages more energy consumption.

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Personalized Nutrition and Obesity

The current advancement in the field of genomics has led us to identifying various genetic markers which determine body weight & the dietary elements related to obesity.

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Clinical Trials for Overweight And Obesity

Clinical trials play a key role in various medical advances. Clinical trials consider novel methods to avert, detect, or cure diseases.

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Nutrition, Physical Activity And Obesity

Quality nutrition, healthy body weight and physical activity are all important factors for an individual’s total health and wellness.

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Obesity And Diet Related Health Disorders

Annually 2.8 million adults are estimated to succumb to death due to overweight and obesity, making obesity the 5th top risk for death in the world.

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Weight Management In Obese Pets

To get improved results, clinicians must concentrate on carefully tailoring better weight loss plans, paying attention to focusing on a suitable target weight to increase the benefits for the animal.

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Counselling For Obesity

The counsellor should emphasize that even a small change in the body weight will produce significant outcome. For instance, a 5% loss in weight reduces the risk of obtaining type 2 diabetes by 60%.

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The event kicks off on Monday! Plan to arrive on Saturday, so that you have plenty of time to get settled in and can enjoy the vast culture of bali, and enjoy the beaches....
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